Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dewa Athena

My school held an event called Dewa Athena. This event is known as PORAK (Pekan Olahraga Antar Kelas) at other schools. This event just can be participated by the students  of ten and eleven grade because the students of twelve grade should prepare for Ujian Nasional. Dewa Athena of the eleven grader was held on Avril 23th and 24th and the ten grader was held on Avril 25th and 1st. This event is organized by OSIS of SMAN 3 Bandung.

This event is a sport competition. There are many sport game that are provided, such as football, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, badminton, gobak sodor, tug of war, and relay race. Each class has to choose the best students of their class to participate the games. If there is a game that isn't participated, the class have to pay a fine of Rp. 100.000,00 for each game. And also, each class have to design their own jersey of the class.

At the first day, the event started with an opening by the chief executive and then the games started. The games were played at three different side of Lapang Bali: basketball court, Bangsal, and football court. Basketball and voleyball were played at basketball court, badminton and dodgeball in Bangsal, while gobak sodor, tug of war, and relay race a were played at football court. The first games that were played are basketball, female double's badminton, and gobak sodor. Coincidental, my class got first turn of basketball and female double's badminton. I really wanted to watch the two match, so I split the time. At first, I watched the match of basketball for a while. It is quite amused to watch the boys playing because they played it so serious, it made us tense. Then at the middle of the match, my friends and I went to Bangsal to watch my two friends playing badminton. They played so cool and it got more exciting when we supported them. I think they got more energy when we supported them. And at the end, they won it. After watching badminton match, I went back to basketball court. My friend said that the basketball team of my class won the match too. It was such a good news.

It was not a long time from that match, my class should play gobak sodor. At first, I didn't participate for any game but my class need more person for playing gobak sodor. Then I choose to participate that game, but we lost. I also got a news from my friend that my class  lost the female football match. After that, my friends and I watched some matches of other classes whille eating lunch. Not long from that time, the turn of female dodgeball for my class came. I didn't list my name for that game, but my friend persuaded me to join. Each team had 8 person. I used to play dodgeball before when I was at primary school but I am not professional at it. During the game, all the things that I did were just pass the ball and avoid the ball touching me. There were just 2 or 3 people that were ace at it, but at the end my class won it.

Actually at the middle of the game, my friend's finger got injured but she told us when the game were finished. Precisely her pinkie finger. She explained that the ball hit her pinkie finger so hard. At first, she was just muttering in pain but later she started to cry. The PMR said that if she want they would bring her to 'tukang urut' near Lapang Bali. Then we decided to go there.

At the second day, the place were more quiet than the first day. The first match that were played are men football and women dodgeball. My class got the first turn of male football match against X IPA 6. It was really an exciting match because they played it like a real football player. But there was a conflict during the game. I cannot tell the conflict. But at the end my class lost. Then, the girls of my class and X IPA 1 were called to play dodgeball. At the end of the game, my class won again. After that, I didn't really know what would happen the next because I should continue working for SSR (Sanggar Seni Rupa). My friend told me the next day that we won female dodgeball and male badminton competition.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Best Teacher (learning from nature)

What is nature? Everyone has their own definition of nature and it can be described as anything. Nature can be described as the physical of the world and everything in it such as tree, mountain, fire, water, earth, etc. Or we can say it that nature is everything that could only created by God, everything that the human race cannot make.

Why is nature important for us? Of course it is really important. All of life aspect came from nature. Although human is the most intelligent species on earth, but it is nothing without nature. At the 18th century, humans began to invent and find new technology and it develops so fast until now or then in the future. It is cool to see all of those inventions in the present such as laptop, skyscraper, etc. Or maybe we will see more awesome things in the future. Well actually those awesome stuff came from nature. We cannot make those things without materials that only came from nature. All that humans are able to do are to change, to merge, or to separate the materials but we cannot create the materials. Or maybe we can see how important it is from the closest thing to our life. For example foods, oxygen, and water. Every living creature need energy to survive. We need to eat and to breath.

Sadly, the more we invent technology the more we destroy nature. Sometime, humans didn’t think first the effects of technology that they would create. they made things without thinking the negative effect, they just think about the positive effects. For example, modern transportation such as car, train, plane, and any other thing that make pollution. For the benefits, those modern transportation could help us go somewhere easier and faster. For the disadvantages, It made more pollution that is not good for our health. Indeed, everything in this world have their own benefits and disadvantages. It is about how we reduce the disadvantages. To reduce pollution by planting more tree in the city or by using public transportation. For another example, just see how many tree we should log to make papers. Everyday, we produce paper, that means that everyday we log tree too. And we cannot just keep logging without restore it.

From examples above, we can learn to be more responsible. We can also learn to appreciate every little things in this planet. Many people still underestimate nature. They feel that they are the only living creature that have rights and the most correct thoughts. Animals and plants have rights too. Although they do not have intelligence as strong as human, but they have feeling. For example, lions. Normally, lions live in colony so they can help each other as a teamwork to find their prey. Other example, ants. Ants are just small and weak animals that look not really important for our life. But without ants there will be no one to produce formic acid. Other example, in one ecosystem there live many kind of creature, but they don’t hate each other. They admit the difference.

There are still a lot of things that we can learn from nature.

Monday, January 9, 2017

My Holiday

I really enjoyed my holiday because I spent many activities. I was not spending my holiday to meet my relatives, go somewhere with family, or study for the next semester like other people did. I’d rather spend my holiday with my friends. During the holiday, I went camping twice and spent my new year eve with my friends at home.
First, I went camping with my TRIAS (Tim Riset Astronomi) friends by angkot and our goods by SMAN 3’s car. The location was on a hill at Ciwidey. Actually, the purpose of our activity was stargazing. We should go to a place without light pollution to be able seeing the stars.We went to the location on afternoon after we got our report of semester one. On the trip, we were so bored because there was nothing to do inside the angkot, until we found a game. We played some quiz in there. But the quiz were so confusing, I can't answer those quiz. One by one my friends could guess the answer and I was still confused to answer it. My friends told me that don't think too far, they repeatedly asked me similar questions. My friend and I got bullies from my friends because we could'nt answer it. Beside of playing game, we also shared stories each other, especially my senior. He shared his experiences as a student of SMAN 3. 
We arrived at the location at around 6 PM. There was one of my senior who came first. She already asked the worker to stand our tents. The land was very mudy, even our tents are wet inside. We walked difficultly because in every step, our foot will get into the land.
The first thing we did was to make fire camp. We had difficulty to make it because the woods were wet of the rain. But we were too hungry so we decided to make noodles by paraffin stove. But not everybody could use this stove. We hoped that one of our friend would make noodles to all of us, but he was to hungry so he made it just for himself and ate alone. Finally, we decided to buy boiled water at a shop near there. we succeeded to make the camp fire at around 10 PM. We added some paraffin to the campfire, so the fire would flare more. then we started to burn the corn, marsmallow, and sausage. Although the corn tasted like paraffin, we really enjoy it. We shared stories each other around the fire camp while we were waiting midnight to get our best view. We shared stories of ghosts in SMAN 3, especially me, I have many experiences of my sister at SMAN 3 to tell. Suddenly, there was a car stucked. The wheel was got into mudy road. We could not just sit there so we helped them. We tried our best to push the car but the result was nothing. Finally, we decided to use SMAN 3’s car as tow truck. At the midnight, stars started to show up. We prepared our telescope, phone, and camera to take a photo of this beautiful view.  We studied constellation.
Second, I went camping to Ujung Genteng beach. I went there by car with my six other friends, two of them can drive. We left my home at around 3 AM. The trip was very long. I was so dizzy because the road are damaged and also my friend drived so fast and brutally. At first, we went to Geopark located at Sukabumi. There are many waterfall and it was so beautiful. We went also to a hill to get the view of beach and village. After that, we went to turtle conservation. There we can touch the turtles and watch the baby turtles released to the beach. But we got a bad news, there were just 3 persons have been swept away by the wave. Then, we stand our tent not far away from the beach. The next morning we took a walk around the beach. Actually, our aim to go to the beach was for swimming. We were so sad because we were not allowed to swim. My friend just got news from his friend that one of the 3 persons who have been swept away was his friend. After that, we took many pictures and went home.
On the new year eve, I invited my friends to celebrate it at my home. My sister and I had already prepared the corn, marsmellow, and sausage. While waiting the food to be ready, my brother and his friend sang. They were just looked like a rock band, my brother was the guitarist and his friend was the singer. My friends and I laughed really hard because there were funny. Then, we ate our food while singing together.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Greatest Violinist from 21th Century, Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is an American violinist, dancer, performance artist and composer. She was born on September 21 1986. Stirling performs a variety of music styles, from classical to pop and rock to electronic dance music. Aside from original work, her discography contains covers of songs by other musicians and various soundtracks.Lindsey Stirling started to play violin since she was 6 years old. From a young age, she had a fascination for dance, and she wanted to take both dance and violin lesson. But her parents said that she can just choose one lesson to take, so she chose violin. When she was a teenager, She joined her four friends in a rock band called Stomp on Melvin.

With her great talent, she decided to join America’s Got talent at the age of 23. She showed her great talent as a dancing violinist. The judges were really impressed with her talent mixing hip-hop, pop, and classical music on the violin, but by incorporating dancing with playing the violin. Stirling was a quarter-finalist on season five of America's Got Talent. Her performances really impressed the judges,  but after she attempted to step up the dance level in her quarter-final performance, judge Piers Morgan told her: "You're not untalented, but you're not good enough, I don't think, to get away with flying through the air and trying to play the violin at the same time." Those words really broke her heart. She felt really humiliated in front of audiences. She said that she will show him that one day she would be a great dancing violinist.

Shortly after being kicked of  America's Got Talent, cinematographer Devin Graham contacted her in hopes of collaborating on a YouTube video together. They agreed to shoot a music video for her song, "Spontaneous Me". The video boosted Stirling's popularity, and she began making music videos for her YouTube channel regularly. Beside that, she made covers of songs of other musicians and classical music. During 2011, the channel rapidly gained popularity and has over 1.5 billion total views and over eight million subscribers, as of October 2016. Then she started to write many songs with violin which is make her famous until now. 

 On 2014 she aired her first album “Shatter Me” and she tour the world to perform the songs that she writed. On June 21, Stirling received her first golden certification for her album, Lindsey Stirling, in Germany and in the next month, she earned golden certifications from Switzerland and Austria. On August 2, 2013, Billboard announced that Stirling's studio album had sold more than 158,000 copies in the United States and that she was the second best-selling artist on the Classical Crossover charts in 2013, behind Andrea Bocelli's album Passione.

In June 2013, she performed at Miss Switzerland, and in July, she joined Nathan Pacheco, The Orchestra at Temple Square and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the 21,000-seat LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT for their annual Pioneer Day concert. Stirling also announced her first ever tour dates in Australia, South Korea and Japan. Stirling's YouTube channel reached three million subscribers on August 31 and on September 4, after almost a year of touring, she completed her first world tour with her last appearance in London. On September 12, Stirling performed at the Dreamball 2013 charity gala at Ritz Carlton in Berlin, Germany. Two weeks later, Stirling announced on her official website that she had started making her second album. And just some month ago she aired her second album "Brave Enough".

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

River Otters

River otter is one of 13 species of otters. They are carnivorous mammals in the subfamily Lutrinae. Lutrinae is a branch of the weasel family Mustelidae, which also includes badgers, honey badgers,martens, minks, polecats, weasels, and wolverines. This is the scientific classification of river otter:

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Synapsida
Class: MammaliaOrder: Carnivora
Suborder: Caniformia
Family: Mustelidae
Subfamily: Lutrinae

River otters can be found in many different places, but they are usually found in tropical places. They live in colonies. An otter's den is called a holt or couch. They usually made it under a tree or a rock beside a river. Otters usually live with their feces. The function of this feces is to mark their territorial area. They live beside a river because they can find food easily. Its diets are fishes, eels, snails, crabs, slugs, and any other animal around their holt. They find their food by swimming. River otters are active hunters, chasing prey in the water or searching the beds of rivers. Most species of otter live beside water, but river otters usually enter it only to hunt or travel.

River otters can grow up until 40 cm in length and 20 kg in weight. River otters have brown fur all around their body except under the neck, they have white fur. They have elastic, long, slim body, so they can move agile. Different from weasels that have long tail, river otters have a short flat tail. The function of their tail is to make them swim easily. They swim move is up down up down and so on. They have four feet with sharp claws. Different from sea otters, they have bare sole pads on the undersides. They have four canine teeth like any other carnivore animal. The function of their canine teeth are to tear flesh and for self defense against their enemies.
River otters are usually favored by people. This is hapenned because otters have cute face. They jump, run, and act very cute. They run after each other like playing 'touch touch'. But their physical characters fool us. They are actually naughty, mischievous animals. They usually disturb humans and other animals. They will chase us and bite us sometimes, but they bite with play meaning. So if there is an otter run after you, I suggested you not to run away. Because if we run away, otters will think that we are scared of them, so they will be more brave to approach us, they are just like dogs. They are also called as little thief. Somehow they can steal foods from any places that they can reach, just like cats. But beside that, some of them have a role to be a star in circus. They can bring a ball in their hands and throw it into a small basket ring. They can also walk like human with bringing things in their hands. They are so cute with their mini version human cloth. They can act selling things, waste something into trash, or dancing.

The population of river otters are decreasing. This is hapenned because there are many hunters that chase them. They are usually eaten or sent to the city to be sold as a pet, because river otters have a lot of lovers. We should conserve them by protect it from hunter in a protected forest or in a zoo. We can also multiply otters in our house. Once they grow up, we can release them in their habitat.

Question about otters
1. Why do people like to show otters as a circus performer?
A. Otters are really playful, their acts attract attention from the spectator.
B. Otters are very cute, they are really cute to watch.
C. Otters are smart animals, we can train them to do something.
D. Otters are weak enough to be forced to do something.
E. Otters are multitalent.

2. From the text above, we can conclude that...
A. River otters are really withdrawn.
B. River otters can live around swamp.

C. River otters can be an artist.
D. River otters’ swim move is resemble to dolphins’ move.
E. Otters are usually sold as a pet.

3. Why should we protect river otters?
A. To avoid extinction.
B. To sell them, so we have a lot of money.
C. We can eat them.

D. Their population are very little.
E. They are rare

4. The answers bellow are things that make otters swim easily, except…
A. All of otters have slim body, long, and elastic body.
B. All of otters have sole pads in each feet.
C. The move up down up down.
D. They move their flat tails.

E. The move of their feet.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Giethoorn is a wonderful village located in Overijssel province, Netherlands. Giethoorn used to be a pedestrian precinct, but nowadays exceptions are made. It became locally famous, especially after 1958, when the Dutch film maker Bert Haanstra made his famous comedy Fanfare there. In the old part of the village, there were no roads and all transport was done by water over one of the many canals. The lakes in Giethoorn were formed by peat unearthing. The village became nationally famous in 1958 when Dutch film maker Bert Haanstra shot his famous comedy Fanfare here.

The village is small and has only 2,620 inhabitants. There are no roads in the centre, all transport is done by water over one of the many canals (but nowadays there is a cycling path). Venice has gondolas, Giethoorn has punters, traditional flatbottom boats that are used for transport over the canals. Giethorn has a long shape and is separated in three tiny settlements: Noordeinde, Middenbuurt and Zuideinde. The Dorpsgracht is the central canal that connects these separate settlements. The farms and houses are separated from each other by small canals. The bultrugboerderij is a common type of farm in Giethoorn. It seems to have a large bump because the barn is larger than the house in front.

This place is really a traditional village of Netherland. The houses in this village are very typical such as windmolens, Zaanse huisjes, Stolpboerderijen, etc.

Windmolens or windmills are the most eye-catching buildings in the Netherlands and draw millions of tourists every year. In the past, these were not just used to pump water or grain, but also to provide a cosy home. Zaanse huisjes or zaanse houses are usually made from wood. These are still commonly constructed and widely lived in, particularly in the Zaanse area. Stolpboerderijen or Dutch farmshouses are square-shaped Dutch houses with a pyramidal roof.

Giethoorn have many tourism attraction. There are a lot of people come to this village because of its beauty. There, you can go around the village by a boat. In the boat, there is a guider who explains the history and the lifes in this village. And also, you can drive the boat by yourselve. There are many kind of boat for rent.  Beside that, there is a place for taking a photo of you wearing traditional dutch clothes. But it is different from other photobooth in the netherland, it is more unique. There are also some restaurant and caffe for the tourism in the modern part of the village.

The mayority of people in this village are fisher. This is happened because at the end of the canals there is a big lake so people can easily fishing. Almost each houses have their own garage, but the garage is for the boat. There are also people who work as a farmer. in the winter, the canals will freeze. It is usually used for ice skating area. Beside that, you can find some museum such as Old Earth, Olde Maat Uus, and Histomobil. In the museum of Old Earth, you can find an exhibition of precious stones, ornamental stones and minerals, and a terrarium . The Olde Maat Uus is a Giethoornse farmhouse from ± 1800 with an exhibition live 100 years and working in Giethoorn. The farmhouse is furnished in period style,