Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Crazy Experience at QURTILAS

So now I'm gonna tell you about one of my favorite experience. But before that, let me tell you a little bit about Qurtilas. So Qurtilas or Qurban Tiga 2016 is an event that was held by SMAN 3 Bandung. All of the member of this event was student from grade ten. So actually this is the first event for grade ten to be the workers. The main aim of this event was for sosial service by involving the qurban. The event was held a day after Eid al-Adha, it was the 13th September. But this event was already planned quite long before that day. This should be hapenned because we need a lot of money to buy the animals for qurban. We got the money by collecting it from all the students of SMAN 3 Bandung who wanted to donate their money for the qurban. We also got the money by selling food to every class in SMAN 3 Bandung. Beside that,we also had a qurban service for parents who want to fulfill their qurban. In the end, we got money that was much enough to buy 11 goat and 7 cow. I chose to participate this event. My job was to chop the flesh. Well, I was not really good at it but I should try it.

At the day, there were just not more than 50 members who worked even though there were actually 116 members but most of them couldn't come and some of them were too lazy to work. Well, it would be a really hard work because the number of our member were too little to do all these jobs. The location for our jobs was at the corridor. There, I was with my friends. Some of them were my new friends. We started to work after the animals were slaughtered and flushed by boiling water. At first, our job was just chopping the flesh and the lard into small pieces. I was really bad at it but later I found some tricks to make it easy. What I hate from this job is when I chopped the lard. It was really hard to chop because the lard is too chewy even though I've already sharpened my knife repeatedly. Sometimes, I needed some help to chop it. In that time, I was with my friend Alya Dyah from grade 10 science 1. So, Lya and I decided to work together. Lya held the lard while I was chopping it, or sometimes we turned our job.

The time went really fast, I didn't believe that we had already chopped all the flesh and the lard. I felt relieved because I thought that our jobs were done until some people came brought a ton of inner organs of the cow and goat. It smelled very bad. I couldn't stand it anymore. Mrs. Aan said that we should chopped all of it. And we were like "Oh my god". I don't know what organ it was because it shaped really abstract. Then, we started to chop it. But before that, we wore our scarf covering our mouth and nose, so that we would not smell it. At first, I wear plastic gloves because I felt really disgusted to touch it. I don't know what I chopped but it shaped like wrinkled towel. But I didn't really feel disgusted when chopping it because it was not wet. Then I chopped something like digestive tract of cow. When I pressed it, it ejected brown liquid. I said "Eww Lyy, what is this?". "Don't think, just chop!" she answered with her regsined expression. Well I think she felt my the same as me. But I decided to chop other organ. I felt like my plastic gloves disturb my job. I didn't care anymore, so I took off my gloves. Lya was right "Don't think, just chop!".

After struggled for a long time, we decided to take a break.We walked around the school with bare feet. Then we passed my class, 10 science 2. I saw there were heads of cow lined in my class and it was full of blood. I was like "Oh nooo, why my class?". Then we decided to have lunch. We ate beside the little fish pond while chilling and we talked each other about many things. After finishing our lunch, we went back to job. But there were already enough people to do the chopping job. So at that time our job was to put in the flesh into a plastic bag. Yayy, at least not chopping anymore. The job was finished really fast because there were some teachers who helped us. After that we took a picture of all the members.

Even it was really tired, I was happy because I got new experience. Beside that, I have new friends. There were many problem that we made when do the job, but we solved it together so it will strengthen our friendship.

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