Monday, January 9, 2017

My Holiday

I really enjoyed my holiday because I spent many activities. I was not spending my holiday to meet my relatives, go somewhere with family, or study for the next semester like other people did. I’d rather spend my holiday with my friends. During the holiday, I went camping twice and spent my new year eve with my friends at home.
First, I went camping with my TRIAS (Tim Riset Astronomi) friends by angkot and our goods by SMAN 3’s car. The location was on a hill at Ciwidey. Actually, the purpose of our activity was stargazing. We should go to a place without light pollution to be able seeing the stars.We went to the location on afternoon after we got our report of semester one. On the trip, we were so bored because there was nothing to do inside the angkot, until we found a game. We played some quiz in there. But the quiz were so confusing, I can't answer those quiz. One by one my friends could guess the answer and I was still confused to answer it. My friends told me that don't think too far, they repeatedly asked me similar questions. My friend and I got bullies from my friends because we could'nt answer it. Beside of playing game, we also shared stories each other, especially my senior. He shared his experiences as a student of SMAN 3. 
We arrived at the location at around 6 PM. There was one of my senior who came first. She already asked the worker to stand our tents. The land was very mudy, even our tents are wet inside. We walked difficultly because in every step, our foot will get into the land.
The first thing we did was to make fire camp. We had difficulty to make it because the woods were wet of the rain. But we were too hungry so we decided to make noodles by paraffin stove. But not everybody could use this stove. We hoped that one of our friend would make noodles to all of us, but he was to hungry so he made it just for himself and ate alone. Finally, we decided to buy boiled water at a shop near there. we succeeded to make the camp fire at around 10 PM. We added some paraffin to the campfire, so the fire would flare more. then we started to burn the corn, marsmallow, and sausage. Although the corn tasted like paraffin, we really enjoy it. We shared stories each other around the fire camp while we were waiting midnight to get our best view. We shared stories of ghosts in SMAN 3, especially me, I have many experiences of my sister at SMAN 3 to tell. Suddenly, there was a car stucked. The wheel was got into mudy road. We could not just sit there so we helped them. We tried our best to push the car but the result was nothing. Finally, we decided to use SMAN 3’s car as tow truck. At the midnight, stars started to show up. We prepared our telescope, phone, and camera to take a photo of this beautiful view.  We studied constellation.
Second, I went camping to Ujung Genteng beach. I went there by car with my six other friends, two of them can drive. We left my home at around 3 AM. The trip was very long. I was so dizzy because the road are damaged and also my friend drived so fast and brutally. At first, we went to Geopark located at Sukabumi. There are many waterfall and it was so beautiful. We went also to a hill to get the view of beach and village. After that, we went to turtle conservation. There we can touch the turtles and watch the baby turtles released to the beach. But we got a bad news, there were just 3 persons have been swept away by the wave. Then, we stand our tent not far away from the beach. The next morning we took a walk around the beach. Actually, our aim to go to the beach was for swimming. We were so sad because we were not allowed to swim. My friend just got news from his friend that one of the 3 persons who have been swept away was his friend. After that, we took many pictures and went home.
On the new year eve, I invited my friends to celebrate it at my home. My sister and I had already prepared the corn, marsmellow, and sausage. While waiting the food to be ready, my brother and his friend sang. They were just looked like a rock band, my brother was the guitarist and his friend was the singer. My friends and I laughed really hard because there were funny. Then, we ate our food while singing together.

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