Sunday, March 12, 2017

Best Teacher (learning from nature)

What is nature? Everyone has their own definition of nature and it can be described as anything. Nature can be described as the physical of the world and everything in it such as tree, mountain, fire, water, earth, etc. Or we can say it that nature is everything that could only created by God, everything that the human race cannot make.

Why is nature important for us? Of course it is really important. All of life aspect came from nature. Although human is the most intelligent species on earth, but it is nothing without nature. At the 18th century, humans began to invent and find new technology and it develops so fast until now or then in the future. It is cool to see all of those inventions in the present such as laptop, skyscraper, etc. Or maybe we will see more awesome things in the future. Well actually those awesome stuff came from nature. We cannot make those things without materials that only came from nature. All that humans are able to do are to change, to merge, or to separate the materials but we cannot create the materials. Or maybe we can see how important it is from the closest thing to our life. For example foods, oxygen, and water. Every living creature need energy to survive. We need to eat and to breath.

Sadly, the more we invent technology the more we destroy nature. Sometime, humans didn’t think first the effects of technology that they would create. they made things without thinking the negative effect, they just think about the positive effects. For example, modern transportation such as car, train, plane, and any other thing that make pollution. For the benefits, those modern transportation could help us go somewhere easier and faster. For the disadvantages, It made more pollution that is not good for our health. Indeed, everything in this world have their own benefits and disadvantages. It is about how we reduce the disadvantages. To reduce pollution by planting more tree in the city or by using public transportation. For another example, just see how many tree we should log to make papers. Everyday, we produce paper, that means that everyday we log tree too. And we cannot just keep logging without restore it.

From examples above, we can learn to be more responsible. We can also learn to appreciate every little things in this planet. Many people still underestimate nature. They feel that they are the only living creature that have rights and the most correct thoughts. Animals and plants have rights too. Although they do not have intelligence as strong as human, but they have feeling. For example, lions. Normally, lions live in colony so they can help each other as a teamwork to find their prey. Other example, ants. Ants are just small and weak animals that look not really important for our life. But without ants there will be no one to produce formic acid. Other example, in one ecosystem there live many kind of creature, but they don’t hate each other. They admit the difference.

There are still a lot of things that we can learn from nature.

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