Saturday, May 27, 2017

cross word

1. Conjunction that introducing a conditional clause
3.  Synonim of Letters
5.  She … his glasses
7. The capital city is Doha
13. I am … beautiful … Kendall Jenner
14. Its duty is to carry water from root to leaves
15. Antonym of out
16. A toy that is played by flying it
18. Composed by chromosome X and chromosome Y
19. Synonim of talk
20. Copper
21. Off without f
24. Big plants

2. An adjective to show that you really like it
4.  Simple past tense of “to tie”
6.  If birds sing, tigers…
8. the synonym of “him”
9. What do you do to make a bubble?
10. Synonim of beautiful
11. Synonim of hit/strike
12. When you got something and you got it more
17. Synonim of event
22. Antonym of sad
23. Synonim of funny
25. The god of the sky
26. Synonim of us
27. Simple past tense of to have

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