Saturday, May 27, 2017


As people see, I am really a social person. I have many friends and I like to make friend with new people. It is important and kind of fun to communicate and to exchange experiences each other. But that's what people see. Actually I am not really so close with every friend I have, just few of them who are close to me. Sometimes, I feel sad because it is a waste if we make friend but not making close relation.

Why is it important to have close friends? Or we usually call it bestfriends? Well as you can see, bestfriend and friend have a difference. With your friends, you usually spend just in good times. You interract each other in the aim just to feel happy for a while. But with your bestfriends, you don't just spend time in good moments but also in your bad moments. When you talk about your bad moments to your friends, they will not really care about it. Well maybe they will help you but they're not really into it. It is different compared bestfriends, they will also feel sad if you are sad. So they will make efforts to help you and try to get you out of your problems.

In senior high school, I have joined an extracurricular called TRIAS 3 (Astronomy Research Team). I have joined this extracurricular because I have interest of astronomy things. Well, it is not like I was thinking, there are more people that joined this extracurricular. It was not usuall, we got along so fast each other when we first met. We knew that we have same sense of humor. As the time went by, our friendship is getting closer. Almost every day, we chat at LINE group. We share many story and humor. What I like from them is they always respond what I talk in the group chat. They appreciate what I say and my opinion. Sometime, we shared our sad moments but the girls only. And they tried to help each other. They always bring laugh to the chat, so at the moment I can forget my sadness of being in the remedial all the time or being stress of exercices and homeworks.

We also like to do usefull things. For example, twice a week we hold 'Dongeng'. So every person in turn shall explain about astronomy things in the group chat. From that, we like to discuss astronomy things together and to share knowledge each other. And if I don't understand something like homework even if it is not about astronomy, I can ask them. They will explain it with pleasure. Also when the PASBK week came, we studied together. 

Actually, I am not really close to every member of TRIAS 3, but I really happy to have friends like them. Although we are not in the same class, we can still keep our friendship close and I hope it will last forever. I'm really thankful to be friend with them.

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