Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dewa Athena

My school held an event called Dewa Athena. This event is known as PORAK (Pekan Olahraga Antar Kelas) at other schools. This event just can be participated by the students  of ten and eleven grade because the students of twelve grade should prepare for Ujian Nasional. Dewa Athena of the eleven grader was held on Avril 23th and 24th and the ten grader was held on Avril 25th and 1st. This event is organized by OSIS of SMAN 3 Bandung.

This event is a sport competition. There are many sport game that are provided, such as football, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, badminton, gobak sodor, tug of war, and relay race. Each class has to choose the best students of their class to participate the games. If there is a game that isn't participated, the class have to pay a fine of Rp. 100.000,00 for each game. And also, each class have to design their own jersey of the class.

At the first day, the event started with an opening by the chief executive and then the games started. The games were played at three different side of Lapang Bali: basketball court, Bangsal, and football court. Basketball and voleyball were played at basketball court, badminton and dodgeball in Bangsal, while gobak sodor, tug of war, and relay race a were played at football court. The first games that were played are basketball, female double's badminton, and gobak sodor. Coincidental, my class got first turn of basketball and female double's badminton. I really wanted to watch the two match, so I split the time. At first, I watched the match of basketball for a while. It is quite amused to watch the boys playing because they played it so serious, it made us tense. Then at the middle of the match, my friends and I went to Bangsal to watch my two friends playing badminton. They played so cool and it got more exciting when we supported them. I think they got more energy when we supported them. And at the end, they won it. After watching badminton match, I went back to basketball court. My friend said that the basketball team of my class won the match too. It was such a good news.

It was not a long time from that match, my class should play gobak sodor. At first, I didn't participate for any game but my class need more person for playing gobak sodor. Then I choose to participate that game, but we lost. I also got a news from my friend that my class  lost the female football match. After that, my friends and I watched some matches of other classes whille eating lunch. Not long from that time, the turn of female dodgeball for my class came. I didn't list my name for that game, but my friend persuaded me to join. Each team had 8 person. I used to play dodgeball before when I was at primary school but I am not professional at it. During the game, all the things that I did were just pass the ball and avoid the ball touching me. There were just 2 or 3 people that were ace at it, but at the end my class won it.

Actually at the middle of the game, my friend's finger got injured but she told us when the game were finished. Precisely her pinkie finger. She explained that the ball hit her pinkie finger so hard. At first, she was just muttering in pain but later she started to cry. The PMR said that if she want they would bring her to 'tukang urut' near Lapang Bali. Then we decided to go there.

At the second day, the place were more quiet than the first day. The first match that were played are men football and women dodgeball. My class got the first turn of male football match against X IPA 6. It was really an exciting match because they played it like a real football player. But there was a conflict during the game. I cannot tell the conflict. But at the end my class lost. Then, the girls of my class and X IPA 1 were called to play dodgeball. At the end of the game, my class won again. After that, I didn't really know what would happen the next because I should continue working for SSR (Sanggar Seni Rupa). My friend told me the next day that we won female dodgeball and male badminton competition.

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